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Exoskeleton technology is known as one of the advanced robotic technologies around the world and, until now, just a few exoskeleton companies in the US And Japan  succeeded in making commercial products. Pedasys, the Iranian knowledge-based company, a group of university professors, researchers and engineers who have experience in power-assisted and rehabilitation robotic systems, has succeeded designing “Exoped”, a lower-limb robotic exoskeleton for walking of paraplegic patients.




Exoped Robotic Exoskeleton is a walking assistance system that gives back the ability of walking to paraplegic patients and people with lower limb disabilities . This robot can help users to sit, stand and walk and can be considered as an alternative and replacement for wheelchairs.

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Pedasys is a company that designs and manufactures power-assisted robots and rehabilitation systems for disabled patients, elderly people.

In 2013, Pedasys group established by a group of talented researchers and graduates of Tehran university, Sharif university of technology and Tarbiat Modares university. In 2014, the group started basic studies, market planning and fundamental design of a robotic exoskeleton for paraplegic patients using their valuable experinces of designing various industrial robots. In this year, Shenasa-VC, Pasargad financial group venture capital, accepted supporting the project and made a big step forward for realisation of first iranian exoskeleton robot, Exoped. In 2015, the group is accepted and recognized as a knowledge-based company in Sharif advanced technologies incubator, where the company is still resided in.

In recent years, many PhD and Msc Engineering students have cooperated on this project, and chose their university studies related to this project.

Currently, clinical version of Exoped robotic exoskeleton has been made, and it is ready to be used in medical centers.


Exoped is an active exoskeleton (intelligent orthotics). The exoskeleton enables patients with lower-limb disabilities walk. Using four electric motors, Exoped helps users with lower limb disabilities to stand, sit, and walk.

Exoped is for individuals with lower limb disabilities and paralysis. The user shall have the normal functionality of hands and shoulders to hold crutches to maintain balance during the session. Please note that the use of hands is merely to provide balance, and it is the exoskeleton that bears the user’s weight.  The user shall not have any lower limb deformities, osteoporosis (unhealthy bone density), severe spasticity, or atrophy. Please consult your rehabilitation counselor or physiotherapist before using the device.  The Patient’s height shall be between 155 and 190 cm. The user’s weight shall not exceed 90 kg.

More than anything, walking will improve self-confidence and hope for patients with lower extremity disabilities. Moreover, walking improves their independence. The benefits also include improved blood circulation, balancing blood pressure, improved breathing, preventing digestive tract and liver problems, preventing pressure sores, and recurrent pain, preventing muscle weakness. Exoped may use to rehabilitate patients with gait disorders.

Paraplegic patients cannot walk using walkers, but orthotics enable them to walk. However, walking using an orthotics exert too much pressure on their shoulders and arms. As a result, some patients may not be able to use orthotics. With Exoped pressure on hands is much lower, so walking will be possible for a wider range of users. Moreover, orthotics should be worn in the stance position, which is a difficult task. Exoped can be worn in a sitting position. After that, the exoskeleton will help the user to stand up.

The personal version of Exoped aims to increase user independence. Using the personal version, walking on flat terrain is possible without assistance. The medical version of Exoped aims at decreasing secondary conditions due to paralysis.

Medical Exoped is specifically designed for medical centers. However personal version is designed for flat terrain and daily usage.

Our engineers are working on the personal version and it is expected to be ready by 2021.

To date, neurological disabilities are not curable. However, rehabilitation teaches the body to perform tasks related to injured parts of the neurological system using other parts of the system. Exoped can be helpful in this way too. Moreover, Exoped can prevent muscle atrophy in the lower extremity of the body by keeping muscles active and prevent secondary problems of paralysis like cardiovascular, digestive tract, and dermatological problems. It can also positively affect the daily mood of the user.

The same technology has not been involved in any risks in the U.S. and Japan. In some cases, dermal bruises were reported. The medical version of Exoped has special harnesses to prevent such events

The medical version of Exoped is specifically designed for clinical use and must be operated under the supervision of a medical specialist. The medical version of Exoped logs movement data and analyze them to keep a record of patient’s improvements. As a result, the device is expensive for home use. However, for the home usage a few conditions shall be met:

Existence of enough space for the installation of the device.

Verification of a medical specialist for eligibility of use.

Presence of two observers while using the device to ensure safety

Yes. After purchasing the medical version of Exoped, the company installs the device with all the peripherals and provides a two-week train program.

There is no exact estimation of the price at the moment. However, Pedasys tries to present a reasonable price so that the majority of patients can purchase the device.

The support includes installation, startup, training and, a guarantees service for 60 months, including software updates, periodic services, spare parts, repair and calibration of the device.

Using parallel bars for training and ensuring balance in early stages.

Connecting the device and its user to a roof rail via fall arrest harnesses to prevent falling.

The exoskeleton is furnished with mechanical locks to prevent any unwanted movement and protect the lower extremity of the body.

Furnishing the exoskeleton with intelligent motor status detection and activating software safety mode in case of any problem.

Yes. There are some finances available to purchase the device. For further information, please contact us.

If the device exists in stock, it will be delivered immediately. Otherwise, it will be delivered two months after purchasing the device.

There is no age limit to benefit from Exoped exoskeleton. If the conditions mentioned in questions 2 and 3 are met, the patient can use the device.

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The test is just available in Tehran and for clinical version of Exoped

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