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Exoped Robotic Exoskeleton is a walking assistance system that gives back the ability of walking to paraplegic patients and people with lower limb disabilities . This robot can help users to sit, stand and walk and can be considered as an alternative and replacement for wheelchairs.

Exoskeleton technology is known as one of the advanced robotic technologies around the world and, until now, just a few exoskeleton companies in the US, Japan and Israel succeeded in making commercial products. Pedasys, the Iranian knowledge-based company, a group of university professors, researchers and engineers who have experience in power-assisted and rehabilitation robotic systems, has succeeded designing “Exoped”, a lower-limb robotic exoskeleton for walking of paraplegic patients.


Giving back the ability of walking to lower-limb disabled patients gives them independence, hope, self-confidence and better quality of life. Besides, the ability of movement leads in better physical condition like better blood circulation, blood pressure adjustment, better breathing, avoiding digestion and kidney problems or bedsore, chronic pains, and muscle weakness.
Exoped also can be used for gait training for patients with gait disorders.

How does Exoped work?

Exoped is a lower-limb exoskeleton that can carry patient’s weight and transfer it directly to the ground. User can wear this robot over his regular clothes. Exoped uses four powerful electric motors placed in four joints of hips and knees. These motors can move patient’s legs by different patterns and speeds, thus patient can walk without consuming any considerable energy.

Who can use Exoped?

Patients with lower-limb disabilities (paraplegia), muscle weakness or gait disorders can use Exoped. Patient needs to have enough ability and power to use his hands in order to control his body. Exoped clinical version can be used in neurosciences, rehabilitation and physical therapy labs. In addition, research centers can benefit from this product.

What are sales and guaranty conditions?

Exoped delivers at an exceptional and nearly half of the price of similar other products. Please contact us for more information. This product has a one-year guaranty including installation and training, and five years of warranty, including periodic services, software updates, spare parts, maintenance and calibration.

اسکلت بیرونی رباتیک توانبخشی اکسوپد - محصول شرکت دانش بنیان پداسیس

Technical properties (Clinical Version)

  • Weight: 29 Kg
  • 4 active joints
  • 2 passive joints
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery + a backup battery and charger
  • Max patient weight: 85 Kg
  • Min patient height: 155 cm
  • Max patient height: 185 cm
  • Max gait speed: 0.3 m/s
  • Gait modes: Training, Pro, Warm Up
  • Early steps gait mode: Included
  • Adjustable gait parameters: length, height, speed
  • Process parameters logging system :Included
  • Passed standards: IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-2
  • Length of parallel path: 6 m
  • Exoped Device Comparison (Click)


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The test is just available in Tehran and for clinical version of Exoped

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