Pedasys is a company that designs and manufactures power-assisted robots and rehabilitation systems for disabled patients, elderly people.

In 2013, Pedasys group established by a group of talented researchers and graduates of Tehran university, Sharif university of technology and Tarbiat Modares university. In 2014, the group started basic studies, market planning and fundamental design of a robotic exoskeleton for paraplegic patients using their valuable experinces of designing various industrial robots. In this year, Shenasa-VC, Pasargad financial group venture capital, accepted supporting the project and made a big step forward for realisation of first iranian exoskeleton robot, Exoped. In 2015, the group is accepted and recognized as a knowledge-based company in Sharif advanced technologies incubator, where the company is still resided in.

In recent years, many PhD and Msc Engineering students have cooperated on this project, and chose their university studies related to this project.

Currently, clinical version of Exoped robotic exoskeleton has been made, and it is ready to be used in medical centers.

About Pedasys

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